REVIEW 2021-2022

We’re thrilled to share that for the fourth year in a row, ALL dogs at shelter Guadi Centro de Animais were protected against life-threatening parasites and diseases! This program was successful thanks to the support of our international sponsors. We are so grateful to those angels out there who made monetary donations or shared their time to help find more sponsors.

A big thanks to Mark, a veterinarian and friend to Stichting Perro & Co, for organizing a discount on necessary medicine, and to the incredible volunteers at Guadi who ensured that each dog received their preventative medicine.

Preventative healthcare costs less than curative or emergency healthcare

Ticks in Ziggy's ears

Every moment a dog is unprotected, there is a risk of dangerous infection, or worse, incurable disease (i.e., leishmania or filaria) . With this preventive health care program, our dogs are healthier, safer and the risk of outbreak at the shelter is drastically reduced. The results are obvious: a safer place for puppies, and healthier dogs means better chances for them to find their forever homes.

The past sponsor year began in October 2021. To our surprise in 2020 less dogs then usual were surrendered to the shelter. At one point we had less than half the usual number of dogs at the shelter! Unfortunately this has been normalized again in the past year to the usual average number of about 120 dogs.

It’s always an exciting initiative to organize. We start by sourcing the best discount and that is possible only when we purchase all products in bulk, at once. We hope this supply will last a full year, and we aim to find even more sponsors than last year!


We, at Perro & Co are a small foundation with a big heart. We finance what we can on our own, which proves difficult since we are volunteers as well. But we have the hope that there are many people out there, just like us, that want every dog to find their forever home.

Finances 2021-2022

Are you ready to sponsor a dog? Get in touch with us today for more info on our preventative healthcare project, and to see the cutest dog photos that need sponsors, click here.

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