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“Sponsors for healthy dogs Guadi” is a preventive health care programme for dogs in the Portuguese Guadi shelter. This programme is set up to protect the dogs in the shelter against diseases, some of which are hard to cure, chronical or even fatal.

Mediterranean diseases such as leishmania, ehrlichia and filaria (heartworm) are spread by parasites like mosquitoes, ticks and sandflies. Preventive treatment against these parasites means a higher level of protection against these diseases. Click here for more information about Mediterranean diseases (in Dutch).

Furthermore, vaccination is necessary to prevent outbreaks of parvo, canine distemper and rabies in the Guadi shelter. Since the shelter dogs are vaccinated, puppies can also stay in the shelter without risk of getting dangerously ill. (Before, all puppies had to be taken in by local foster families, because staying in the shelter was a serious health risk.)

The local government provides the Guadi shelter with dog food, water and pays the wage for 3 staff members, but it does no contribute to the costs for medical health care or prevention. On average, around 120 dogs live in the shelter. The medical costs in the shelter are very high and have to be paid competely from donations.

That’s why “Sponsors for Healthy Dogs Guadi” was set up. This sponsor-programme enables people to sponsor a dog in the Guadi shelter for a year. The sponsored dog will be fully vaccinated, de-wormed and receives preventive treatment against parasites with Effitix (or Bravecto) and Milpro.

Investing in prevention now avoids high medical costs and ill dogs in the future. Also, because the parasitic pressure decreases, the immune systems of the dogs are stronger so they are less susceptible to other health problems too.

With “Sponsors for healthy dogs Guadi”, the safety and well-being of the dogs in the shelter has increased massively. And because the dogs remain healty, their chance to get adopted to their forever homes is enhanced significantly.

Thanks to the sponsors, our vet MARKdierenarts, the people that work at the Guadi shelter and many local volunteers who administer the pipettes and tablets, 2019 was the first year in the history of the shelter in which all the dogs were fully vaccinated, de-wormed and de-ticked.

I want to become a sponsor too!

Would you like to sponsor a dog in the Guadi shelter? Please choose your dog(s) from the photo album below.

We always try to keep the price for the pipettes and tablets as low as possible, by buying large quantities at once via our local vet: MARKdierenarts. Each year, MARKdierenarts manages to get huge discounts on anti-parasitics for our programme at his suppplier.

For 2022/2023 the year-amount to sponsor one dog is € 50,-. Off course, sponsoring more than one dog is possible too.

A sponsor year runs from September to September. If you start the sponsorship later, you will pay retroactively for the previous months. If your sponsordog leaves the shelter because it is adopted or if it dies (unfortunately this happens sometimes, and also new dogs will arrive) we will inform you, so you can choose another dog to benefit from your sponsorship.

Click on ‘Sponsor nu!’ in the photo-album below to sponsor the dog of your choice. You can also manually transfer the sponsor-amount to: Stichting Perro & Co NL27RBRB0706324641 (BIC RBRBNL21) or pay via Paypal to Please mention the name of your sponsor-dog as payment reference.

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